Reviews of 'Make Yourself Better'

Smile Review
"An informative and enjoyable journey through the theory and application of natural healing methods. This is quite simply the best and most accessible book on the subject."
David Blackwell, Association of Master Herbalists, UK
"[Make Yourself Better] covers a wide range of insights and teachings from East and West, from ancient to modern. Different from the commonly available health guides, the author presents us with more than just a cookbook's collection of advice and recipes. [The book] reads as a great reference guide and documents at the same time the author's profound insight into the various subjects covered."
Dr Siegfried Trefzer, Director of Hightree Medical Clinic and Associate Physician at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, UK
"I am indeed very honoured that I was asked to give some comments on the excellent book written by Philip Weeks "Make Yourself Better".
Having been in practice for over 50 years, I hear daily from patients, how confused they often are, with the different ways in which medicine is explained in the form of treatments and nutrition.  This very comprehensive book is not only a delight to read but is very practically put together, understanding the complexity of health and put into a nutshell, to make it very easy to understand.  I am very impressed by the expertise of the writer, and by the way he explains himself clearly and concisely. This book deserves a place in every household".
Professor Jan de Vries, Troon, Scotland